Navarino Natura Art Award 2011

The winner of the Navarino Natura Art Award 2011 is Barbara Fluxa from Spain.
Art is a very important part of the experience at Costa Navarino. A significant art collection with works from the 17th – 19th centuries together with more contemporary pieces is to be found at Navarino Dunes. This emphasis that has been given to Art is reflected also at the Navarino Natura Hall by Hellenic Postbank. An exhibition of the winner of the Navarino Natura Art Award will be held each year in the permanent exhibition space ˇNatura Art˘. The award has been established through the collaboration of Kalfayan Galleries (Athens-Thessaloniki), the NGO Organization Earth and Navarino Foundation. This international annual award aspires to become a dynamic platform which will address contemporary environmental themes through art.
The theme of this year˘s award was ˇGreen Art and Nature˘, and artists were invited to submit video artworks/video installations which explored the harmonious co-existence of art and nature.

Amongst several entries from around the world, including Spain, Thailand, Brazil, Chile, Japan, Switzerland, USA, Austria, France and Greece, the winner of the Navarino Natura Art Award 2011 was Barbara Fluxa\'s six screen film entitled \"Future Testimony\".