Ala Dehghan


As Ala Dehghan (b.1982) completes her residency, the Delfina Foundation presents an open studio event and a public talk on Tuesday, 29 March 2011, 19.00-20.00.

Ala\'s capricious draughtmanship is drawn from Persian customs and traditions deeply embedded within an expansive and varied history; however, she has grown up in the paradoxical environment of post-revolution Iran. These significant contradictions are recreated in her art. She combines sensitive lines and strikingly bright colours, which are components of Persian miniature painting, with the contemporary scenes and the cultural and social experiences of life in Iran today.  Her process is intuitive, always unplanned and often imperfect. They are documentaries of her psyche, and connect people, objects and nature. Her work is an attempt to recreate the emotional suspense that she has lived through, and its multiple implications; an intricate line of humor and refinement in confrontation with tragedy and excitement.

The talk will be moderated by curator and writer, Vali Mahlouji, and aims to discuss themes and references in Ala\'s work as well as an in depth examination of techniques and materials.

The Delfina Foundation
29 Catherine Place
London SW1E 6DY - United Kingdom